Nagual Shamanism –
an European way of true shamanic initiation.
With us, being a shaman is not a matter of learning shamanic technique but a matter of deep reconciling with your own secret nature while discovering the secrets of nature itself. 


Be part of the shamanic way of power…

Develop your own personality and find your individual approach to magic and shamanic power through experiencing deep shamanism. Our goal is the renaissance of the magical and shamanic knowledge in Europe. Be part of it.

Shamanism means: Essence, Spirit, Power.

It means awareness of reality and expansion of consciousness. It means real life for real people.


Our magic…

… is floating directly out of the inconceivable. It is also the result of our direct magical entry to the shamanic world and power and contains strong connections to the Fairies of the Alps. Join us for the sake of the evolution of your magical personality. If all this awakens your curiosity, you can experience and learn more about the power of shamanism in our workshops.

Nearly every workshop can be visited separately or daily:

Experience the shamanic way of life in...
Time of Power- our shamanic way of self-awareness

Power center of shamanism

- multidimensional -
Dance - Ecstasy - Trance - Spirit

Follow the way of the spirits and find a new way of sensing your vitality in the midst of a surrounding which is supported by deep spiritual and shamanic awareness. We offer regularly ecstatic dance evenings, trance nights, and many more wonderful rituals of power.

- Shamanic training -
Way of initiation

From the first powerful initiation which introduces you into the way of shamanic magic until the real initiation into being a shaman we are supporting you on this extraordinary way of real shamanic perception. This way is leading step by step to shamanic maturity, to the inner and magical change of your personality which you need as a shaman.

Nature - Magic - Adventure

Rituals in the Alps, (indoor or outdoor), or join us for a shamanic hiking tour in the high mountains although our shamanism takes place mostly outdoors. Wild untamed nature is the key to power. Its intensity is occasionally surprising. Finding security in the midst of wild nature belongs to the magical art of shamans.

Kristina and Udo Vukovics

We, Kristina and Udo, are running the teaching in Nagual-Shamanism, a form of deep-rooted European Shamanism.

Woman and Man, Man and Woman, that is unfolding a corporate acting which is hearty and loving as well as magical and powerful.

That’s how shamanic and spiritual working and living should be.

We shamans are more than specialists in magic and ecstasy, more than an intermediary between mankind and elemental forces.

We are human beings who have opened up to the loving way of the spirit. If we are following this way as a couple, everyday we experience magic, ecstasy, nature, spirit and trance, and all forces of heaven and earth merging together as one big whole.

We want to show you the spiritual opening of the heart on the fascinating magical way of the shamans as often as possible.


Nagual Shamanism –
your education towards becoming a shaman